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As the time approaches for the coming Ecumenical Council, interest in the doctrines of the Catholic Church will be high. This effort, therefore, to clarify through summary exposition the tenets of this basic part of Catholic theology, showing its derivations, should become a useful reference manual of these times for the non-professional theologian, whether within or out of the Faith. Father Higgins' earlier books, Man as Man, Perfection is for You, have demonstrated the author's popularization skill. In this, his newest book, Father Higgins pursues posed questions to explain specific doctrines. As he ranges over the complete area of dogmatic theology -- from the right of the Church to teach through belief in the existence of God -- he deals with difficult questions candidly. For example, in discussing whether God predestines man with or without consideration for his potential merit or demerit, Father Higgins states that theology has no certain answer since this is an unfathomable mystery for the finite mind. The appeal of the book would have been enhanced considerably had it not been labeled ""for the layman"" only. Unfortunately this might suggest that the material is downgraded. This is regrettable since a growing number of intelligent men and women resent this demeaning treatment and might be deterred from giving it the study it deserves. Despite this handicap, Dogma For the Layman should win acceptance as a timely, remarkable and adequate synthesis of the Faith's truths, facts -- and reasons for belief in them.

Pub Date: Nov. 6th, 1961
Publisher: Bruce