BIRDS ACROSS THE SKY by Florence Fage Jacques


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The author of The Geass Fly High (Univ. of Minn. Press) tells the story of how she ""surrendered utterly to the passion for birds"". Her husband, who illustrates the book, is an artist connected with New York's Museum of Natural History, and a trained ornithologist. His work took them everywhere in this country, to Panama, to England, to Switzerland. Holidays found them canoeing on inland waterways -- the lakes and streams of Minnesota, the Gasps, visiting bird sanctuaries from Long Island to Florida. It is a book for all lovers of the out of doors -- the bird lore is a pattern through the book, and the experiences of a neophyte, accompanying a professional, make amusing and refreshingly different reading in this field. She writes extremely well, with a good sense of balance between the wholly personal and anecdotal, and the factual for those bird lovers who would expand their horizons. Not a field guide, but an autobiographical record.

Publisher: Harper