CATHERINE'S BELLS by Florence Musgrave


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With all good intentions Florence Musgrave has written healthy girls' stories set usually at the turn of the century, but they have been on the dull side and carry the protein punch of a vegetable dinner rather than a steak fry. Catherine's Bells, an orphan story is no exception. We feel with 12 year old Catherine as she leaves the Home and goes to live with Miss Nan who runs her own farm in the country. We are happy when young Peter, another orphan, comes to live there too, as Miss nan's canaries are brought through the mating season, and as the childrens' lives have a new fulfilment. But it is calm excitement and the rather staid narrative does little to add color. Proper black and whites by Zhenya Gay. Orphan stories used to have a pull; do they still?

Pub Date: April 15th, 1954
Publisher: Ariel- Farrar, Straus & Young