THE WHOZITS by Frances Williams Browin


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Another story of D.P.'s is centered around fourteen year old Doris Hill, a Philadelphia girl whose widowed mother is a magazine editor, and the Widlaskis who come to live with them as housekeepers. The Hills are broadminded and eager for the experience that awaits them with the Polish family- to whom they affectionately refer as the ""Whozits"". Despite this, the difficulties in the way of good human relationships make themselves felt from the start. There is the mechanical one of language as Krysia (who is Doris' contemporary) and her parents must learn English. Mr. Widlaski is an ex-school teacher and though he is resigned to his present comedown, there is the understanding he must better himself. The two girls Doris and Krysia can only form a tenuous friendship. But this they do at least, and when Krysia's chance comes to enter a regular city high school, Doris makes up her mind to leave her private school and go to the public one with Krysia. A stock situation that has its forced moments, but gains value in the ideals it propounds.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1955
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman