THE HUNTING GROUND by Francis Clifford


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Harry Brennan, a photographer shooting humming birds in the Caribbean, witnesses a plane crash outside of La Paz, gets a documentary record of its victims, all casualties, on film. On his return to the city, the attempt to muffle the disaster and confiscate his negatives is disquieting; then there is every indication that he is being tailed. An old newspaperman with comeback ambitions, Lloyd, persuades him that the plane is the President's, a U.S. sponsored Castro type to whom the Russians have been making overtures. With Lloyd, there is an exciting chase which ends in an identification scene at the morgue, further camera and carbine shooting, and an undercover getaway... Without the subliminal moral considerations of The Green Fields of Eden, this is an overt, active political thriller calculated to keep the reader attentive if not absorbed.

Pub Date: June 18th, 1964
Publisher: Howard-McCann