DIARY OF A CANDID LADY by Francis M. rroway


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The lady is a wealthy New York socialite whose dubious past becomes defined in the journal which covers the trying time she has when it catches up with her in the person of Jessica, her dead friend Dolly's daughter. Jessica is the hopeless Diamond In The Rough, who would like to be like Albert Schweitzer and talks cancer. But, determined to launch her, our heroine calls on various New York types--a bit player, a publisher, a psychiatrist equipped with Dial-A-Scold, physicist, a general, a congressman--who must all do their duty by Jessica. Jessica's debut becomes a reunion for all of Dolly's girls, many now distinguished nd successful in different lines of endeavor...and at the grand finale, Jessica as decided to follow her mother's footsteps in the oldest profession. One guess hat that is. Some sprightly, even pensive, moments in a souffle which didn't ise.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1964
Publisher: oubleday