CAIN, WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER? by Francois Mauriac


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Cain, Where Is Your Brother? is a random collection of arriere pensees which nevertheless aptly routes the grandeur and genius of Francois Mauriac's spiritual journey through today's troubled intellectual landscape. Most of the pieces are occasional, many appear to have come from the Nobel Prize winner's Le Figaro column; almost all are eminently quotable, intense, poetic, hortatory, forceful and shimmering with sense. M. Mauriac speaks of the inner kingdom of particular people, events and circumstances that defined his life, in so doing, evaluations of Bernanos, Gide, Bloy, , Vigny, Dostzsky, Rimbaud, the Resurrection and Christ glitter on the pages. The world's leading Catholic novelist believes in a spiritual homeland where everyone, both Left and Right, will one day meet; he castigates economic determinism since ""feeling is also a fact and love also a datum, a creative element""; he emphasizes the religious conflict which is behind the East- West power struggle; he warns of a political mystique and questions the autonomy of a European bloe; he recalls with horror the godless monstrosities at Dachau and Euchanwald; he pens two long and lordly denunciations of Hitler and Petain and he salutes General De Guulle. In the end, traditionalist Mauriac promulgates a revolutionary ethl Grace conquers necessity and a Christian is ""a creature on the march till his last breath

Publisher: Coward-McCann