AIMEZ-VOUS BRAHMS by Francoise Sagan


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Once more the kaleidescope of Francoise Sagan's perceptions is given a twist and is found to have a limited amount of variations on its theme. Here is A Certain Smile, Bonjour Tristesse, Those Without Shadows slightly readjusted but replete with the familiar ingredients. For in this story of a thirty-nine year old French career woman, her love for a habitual bachelor and her affair with a twenty-five-year-old man, the whole genre-perfected by Colette and not very much affected by Francoise Sagan- is once more revealed. Paule loves Roger, but he is too irresponsible to give her the security even she requires. Simon, handsome and effete, loves Paule, but, alas Paule loves Roger and habit. As for Brahms, Paule is not too sure how much she loves Brahms, but Simon's question as to her musical preference shatters her into the realization that she has been numbed by her chronic affection for Roger and she decides to give Brahms and her young throng a try. This she does in this slight, tiresome rehearsal of love, boredom, and frustration under the roofs of Paris.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1960
Publisher: Dutton