HOW TO BREAK 90--CONSISTENTLY! by Frank Chinnock


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Only four percent of the twelve million golfers in the United States ever break 90, claims Chinnock, who tries to remedy that dismal statistic in this down-homÉ, folksy little effort to provide friendly--if elementary--tips for weekend divot-carvers. Cleverly, he's chosen to collect his tips--when chipping on to the green from more than 50 feet away, don't aim for the hole, aim for the top of the pin; from 25 feet away, aim for the middle of it--from country club pros, who, after all, know more about how to un-hack a hacker than anyone else. If Johnny Miller's recent book (Pure Golf, p. 1017) was post-graduate school for golfers, this is sixth grade. But if you don't get through this one, you probably won't get to the other.

Pub Date: Jan. 10th, 1976
Publisher: Lippincott