THE SOVIET UNION: A View from Within by Franklin Folsom

THE SOVIET UNION: A View from Within

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View"" is the operative word here; what this book offers is an idea of what the country looks like. The writing is purely descriptive, and will be accompanied with many photographs. The author has begun by taking the pejorative out of Soviet Union, and gives a travelogue-ish sort of portrayal (even Siberia sounds wonderful). The organization is geographical, with information about local Sights, industries, occupations, and What-have-you. A little history is thrown in with each city, along with occasional glimpses of what it's like to have a planned economy--here the lack of qualitative evaluation is quite evident. It's sort of like a colossal issue of U.S.S.R. The first-hand description of the country is Still somewhat of a rarity; this offers some of the lesser aspects that one likes to know.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1965
Publisher: Nelson