THE LOVE GUY by Frederick Darling


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Whether or not the title will endear him to you, the wayward experiences of 11 year old Doug Davenport- ""double dangerous Doug"" as he likes to think of himself- form an appealing chronicle if a somewhat sketchy novel. Doug lives in a world of outsized dreams of glory and ""dumb crumb buns"", and, after a day in which he pops off at his parents, gets thrown out of the movies, plants a firecracker in the ticket machine at the box office, insults an old lady, breaks the arm of a contemporary, he is sent to a really tough Community Center Camp to be ""counseled, guided, directed, channeled"". There he follows an acceptance course, only to prove himself to a girl- through her brother, and again the desire to attract her admiration leads to a crazy grandstand feat of courage.... Big for his breeches (and miserable in that beret and blazer) Doug should find sympathizers since he's a nice youngster, not a sick kid. Therefore the inevitable comparison doesn't need to be made.

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston