MINE INHERITANCE by Frederick Niven


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A rather grave account of Lord Selkirk's 1811 colony on the Red River, as told by a young Scot, a writer for the group of settlers. He describes the chicanery practiced by the North West Company to drive the homesteaders out of the fur country and to prevent the Hudson's Bay Company (of which Selkirk had obtained control) entrance into that territory. He condones the actions of Governor Miles Macdonell, limns the sufferings of the pioneers, and threads his own story, his love of and marriage to the half-breed Christina, her death and the raising of his child, against some eight years of battle between Lord Selkirk's people and their unfriendly neighbors, which culminated in peace and victory for the settlers, but death for their patron. It gives a likeable portrait of the Scottish philanthropist and a real sense of the wilderness to be conquered -- but it is sedate going.

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 1941
Publisher: Macmillan