COMMUNICATION: From Primitive Tom-Toms to Telstar by G. Allen Foster
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COMMUNICATION: From Primitive Tom-Toms to Telstar

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Mr. Foster has the ability to communicate his own lively interest in the subjects he has covered. (See his The Eyes and Ears of the Civil War-1963 and Impeached-1964.) He provides a chronological record of the communication advances from the time grunts became speech and pictures became written symbols. The presentation is brief; the facts are mined for the anecdotes behind them. This is particularly evident in the discussion of electronic methods of human communications, where readers with little grasp and less interest in purely technological matters can intelligently absorb some of the facts from the stories surrounding them. The section on newspapers is particularly well handled, the assessment of cartoons as a form of information and persuasion is excellent, and the extremely current coverage should make this superior for science supplementary reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1965
Publisher: Criterion