MAN THE MAKER by G. N. M. Tyrrell


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In an appeal to intellectual man to free himself from the limits of sense perception- the basis of all scientific reasoning and hence civilization's picture of reality- Teyrrell urges a looking at the works of man from the viewpoint of the nonspecialist, partially legitimizing extra sensory perception. His method is to examine the process of evolution as manisfested in the human mind and the way it interprets reality through science and philosophy. We are, he says, instinctively tied to a causal way of thinking. The deep specialization to which this has lead modern science narrows rather than broadens the outlook. It is necessary to gain perspective, on modes of thought and of action by becoming separated from the vast accumulations or knowledge, examining what may be concurrent rather than causal patterns of relationships and by questioning the validity of totally sensory explanations. Discussed with the clarity of serious thinking, Tyrrell's work is a pithy call to unshackled mentally and a revolutionary orientation of the individual towards the universe and his kind, given though his reliance on the possibilities of the occult may draw criticism from various sources.

Pub Date: Jan. 21st, 1951
Publisher: Dutton