THE FLAMMARION BOOK OF ASTRONOMY by Gabrielle Camille Flammarion


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(YA) The 19th century French astronomer wrote Astronomic Popularire to ""popularize without vulgarizing"" his subject. Contrary to the fate of most popularizations (a fast life and a sudden death) the book became a classic in the field. This handsome, completely revised and updated edition has had the attention of a group of internationally notable astronomers and is planned for simultaneous publication in England, France and the United States. The text retains the readability that characterized the original and the 672 pages with nearly 1000 photographs justifies the price. The placement of the many large, labeled photographs, maps, charts and diagrams is a feature to appreciate. These all seem to be on the same pages of the section of the text in which the points they illustrate are discussed. The book is divided into eight sections covering: The Earth, The Moon, The Sun, The Planets, Comets, Meteors and meteorites, The Sidereal Universe, The Instruments of Astronomy, and Artificial Satellites and Space Vehicles. ""Some Astronomical Facts and Data"" are four handy pages of the various figures pertaining to weights and measures, rotation periods, etc. of the planets and satellites.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster