CHRISTIAN DOUBT by Geddes MacGregor
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Delightfully written and yet with all the earmarks of good scholarship this series of treatises on different phases of religious doubt will make good and profitable reading for Protestant theologians and ministers and for others who are skeptical of their own skepticism. The very chapter headings reveal the breadth of this study and the originality of treatment: ""Doubt as an Implicate of Faith"", ""The Skeptical Element in Philosophical and Religious Thought"", ""Convention and Protest in Religion and Irreligion"", ""Religious Agnosticism and Christian Humility"", ""Psychological Polarity"", ""Faith, Doubt and Laughter"", ""The Fear of Doubt"", ""Doubt as a Basis for Christian Reconciliation"", ""The Meaning of Christian Mystery"". Much more original than most books of its kind.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1951
ISBN: 1406758531
Publisher: Longmans, Green