WATCHER IN THE SHADOWS by Geoffrey Household
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It is some years since Rogue Male and A Rough Shoot and this is a welcome return to the more civilized manhunt- across an attractive British landscape- the downs and hedgerows and haystacks of the Cotswolds. In 1955, Charles Dennim, an ex- Austrian aristocrat, living quietly with an aunt and pursuing his zoological research, is surprised by the delivery of an incendiary parcel- which takes the life of the mailman who delivers it. An anonymous missive, a few days later, links the episode to Dennim's war activities- his unknown term of service in the British Intelligence during which he had assumed the alias of a Gestapo Captain at Buchenwald in order to facilitate a few important escapes. Now, on the recommendation of his former superior, he decides to ""tie out a fat goat for the tiger""- himself- so that this adventure is the account of his hot, and deliberately provoked, pursuit by his assailant which precedes the ""duel in the dark"" which is a highly exciting and deadly showdown. There's a pleasant romance on the side, and all in all it's a sporting, dashing display.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1960
Publisher: Little, Brown-AMP