ROGUE MALE by Geoffrey Household
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This seems to me a better integrated book than The Third Hour, a book which sustains its unity throughout (whereas the other book broke into two distinct parts). Household has taken the theme of a man escaping his pursuers; he has carried his man hunt from Poland, where an English sportsman had used the tactics used in wild animal chase to run down his victim, only to be captured at the last, to the moors of England, where he ""holed up"" and baffled officers of justice from two nations. The story is told in the form of a diary. One gets a sense of breathless sharing of the victim's panic, of his zest for the hunt, of his imaginative weighing of the probable moves of the hunters. Exciting reading, with more of the sporting element and less of the psychological insight than characterized Richard Hatch's The Fugitive. Household shows in this book that he definitely is not just a one-book man.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1939
ISBN: 1590172434
Publisher: Little, Brown