A ROUGH SHOOT by Geoffrey Household


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Something of his earlier Rogue Male in a considerably more cheerful chase which centers around a Dorset farm where Roger Taine had rented some rough shooting acreage. Spotting some poachers on his land, Taine aims a slight charge at the rear end of one- to warn off rather than kill, and later finds that his victim is dead. Disposing of his body in a rabbit warren, he is later to find that the dead man is a member of a foreign, fascist organization, that his rough shoot is being used as a landing field for smuggled agents. Guided by a Polish General Sandorski, -- a former cavalry officer who charges ahead with romantic bravura, they round up the enemy ring for the Intelligence.... A manhunt which has more verve than substance but which will excite and entertain.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1951
Publisher: Little, Brown (A.M.P.)