NOAH AND HIS ARK by George Holt


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A completely unorthodox treatment of the Bible story -- not regular Sunday School fare, although presenting a delightful and ingenious story of the origin of the peoples of the world, as well as a blythe and good-humored treatment of the Bible story. Noah, his wife Momma, and his sons Shem (yellow skinned), Ham (black skin) and Japheth (white) worked very hard making their ark in the midst of ""mean and awful"" people. Soon the animals arrived and helped, too -- the bear mixed the cement, the chimpanzee delicately painted the Plimsoll lines on the bow and the kangaroo handed out the necessary tools from her pouch. The voyage was a busy one -- some were seasick, others played shuffleboard and quoits, and the kangaroo pleaded with everyone to play deck tennis. When the voyage is over, the three sons part for three corners of the earth, taking special animals with them. The impudent drawings by the author- with deliberate anacronisms- are great fun.

Publisher: Little, Brown