THE BEASTS OF NEVER by Georgess McHargue


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From ghoulies and ghosties. . ."" That old Scottish saying introduces miscellaneous ""Minor Monsters,"" following a perusal of dragons (eastern and western, and Indian influences going both ways), basilisks and the phoenix. The author refers to specific sources (Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, de Mandeville's Travels, the Bible) only when especially relevant: she has capably synthesized and interpreted the appearance of these monsters in western literature. ""All-animal"" creatures only, and each beast has some wondrous quality or power to set him apart from all others. Unicorns, beasts on land and sea--all are subjected to rigorous yet sympathetic scrutiny, examined for possible sources and social significance (the dragon's association with water, caves--and maidens). Unfortunately, some very fine illustrations seldom take advantage of the large page; in fact, the size of the page may turn off the sophisticated reader accustomed to more wieldy volumes. Marvellous though--and some clues on that Loch Ness monster, the most likely to materialize.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1968
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill