GEORGETTE KLINGER'S SKINCARE by Georgette & Barbara Rowes Klinger


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Georgette Klinger is the proprietor of several fashionable salons which cater to an even ritzier crowd than Adrien Arpel's clientele, and her book has some of the toney appeal of Arpel's recent big seller. The presentation is low-keyed and the contents unsurprising: some old Czechoslovak ""secrets"" and standard remarks on beauty hazards like air pollution, smoking, and stress. Klinger devotes a sizable section to skin analysis; deals with problems like acne, blackheads, or dandruff; and emphasizes conscientious daily care. More thorough than a monthly magazine feature, her book sets forth a time-consuming program which reshuffles familiar general principles, but without the medical grounding of Dr. Zizmor's books.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1979
Publisher: Morrow