ALSE COLOURS by Georgette Heyer


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A blancmange of frivolous trivia, again in this author's lineage of ""historical romances"", deals with the affairs of Lady Denville and her twin sons, Kit and Evelyn, indistinguishable even to their mother. Lady Denville, always in debt, is now ""down the wind"" by about twenty thousand pounds, and her son Evelyn, no more provident, goes off on a mission to help their position. Meanwhile Kit returns from Foreign Service abroad and substitutes for his brother in his suit for the hand of Cressy Stavely, a girl of character as well as solid substance. Then there's Lady Denville and her faithful admirer- benedict Sir Bonamy; Evelyn's real interest in a Quaker girl; and finally the end of the impersonation in the genuine affection between Kit and Cressy.... Once again the period portmanteau is full of fashionable fripperies and no calling cards are necessary. The audience is self-declared.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1964
Publisher: Dutton