ALL BUT MY LIFE by Gerda Weissmann Klein


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The Weissman family, living in their home in a Polish town near the Czech border in the fatal days of September 1939, inevitably remind one of Anne Frank's family:- Jewish, middle-class, people of culture, father, mother, son and daughter. Gerda was 15- a year older than Anne. Arthur was nearly through his university training, handsome, talented, adored by his younger sister. After the Nazi hordes rolled over their town, the brother was the first to escape. The others remained prisoners in their own house for six months- a poignant six months- before they were torn apart. Then in one camp after another, Gerda saw life and death, until in the last days of fighting, she was liberated by an American lieutenant. She was down to 68 pounds- but alive. Her American lieutenant returned often to see her- and eventually they were married. She writes her story from the security of a home in Buffalo. But those years of horror are vividly recalled, simply written and deeply moving, the record of a mature woman living again her years on the brink of maturity.

ISBN: 0809024608
Publisher: Hill and Wang