MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE STATE OF MAINE by Gertrude with Goode Ruth Mackenzie


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Maine books are popular, whether with those who know and love Maine or with those who like to pretend they do. And this isn't just another Maine book, but a Maine book that is different. ""Mac"", the author, was a born New Yorker, a successful business woman (in the mid twenties at that) -- and fed up. Dorothy Mignault worked hard all winter in New York to keep her home near Kennebunk for the holidays. And the pair of them threw over their New York careers for a gamble on an incredible venture- running a country store, a guest house for art students, a restaurant of small dimensions, and a Casino. They made a go of it- and greater miracle, they made themselves integral to the community. But it took a rugged summer of fantastic mistakes, incredible ignorance, and phenomenal luck- all mixed together with Herculean labors, to make the first dent. And it took the disaster of the fire that swept Southern Maine to achieve complete acceptance. The story is fun in its several ingredients, a good yarn of unique adventure, spiced with the scent and tang of Maine and the quality of her people.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster