CLERICAL ERRORS by Gez. Lewis Tucker
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Perhaps I had a bias in this direction, but I found the Reverend Lewis Tucker's autobiography by far the most rewarding clerical biography that has come my way. There is less of the shepherd of the flock atmosphere -- less of the inhibited family life more of the sense of being the of a man who happened to be a clergy-man. In any count, his was a life abounding in adventure, variety, human interest. His school days have something of in them -- American version; his parishes, primarily in the South and the Northwest, were composed of a cross section of normal human beings, with whom his relations were human relations, colored by a warm, live spiritual sense. He was a stormy petrol, even for the ""Anglican"" church -- a liberal -- an individualist -- a devoted son and husband -- a human father.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1943
Publisher: Harper