SO IT GOES by Giuseppe Cassieri


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Meet Dr. Olympio Speradio, nicknamed Oli, as he feels the touch of the grave while facing the crises of imminent baldness. Meet Fausta, his mistress of seven years, serene and secure in her thirty-four-year-old skin upon which she lavishes lotions, emollients, astringents. Oli, convinced that there is a limit to intimacy even in love, refuses to tell Fausta his terrible secret, but mulls it over in private as he supposedly immerses himself in an interminable tome about ironwood trees-- his work from a lackadaisical Italo-Brazilian improvement association into which a dolce far niente air has definitely wafted. Fausta is busy with her law clerk duties and gregarious pleasures while Oli lugubriously makes the rounds, a pilgrim in search of solace in the form of hair. His supplication is met in each quarter by a different remedy but the same diagnosis for his grand canal, and each move from monk's cell to trichologist's office leaves him sadder and more humiliated. Ultimately he ""crops"", returns to his mortal duties and accepts his mortal fate. In the tradition savoring the smallest and seeing all life in it, this light comedy labors through elephantine prose to ,- and often loes. Perhaps oriented gentlemen will form a

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1962
Publisher: Pantheon