MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN by Gladys Hasty Carroll


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A benign, preachy little parable about two boys who run away and discover The Man on the Mountain and He returns them to the Great Country in which they live which is not so great because it is divided in four parts, by chronological age. Before they go back to their ""mummies and daddies"" they visit the ""grammies and grampies"" who live in the oblivion and isolation of Old State. Two members thereof make a guided tour and shake their heads particularly at the little flower children who have been nipped in the bud and live in savage disarray thinking that Love will cure 'everything. . . ""Humph, there's a lot more to it than geography""--humph, not much more than inspirational Gelusil for other Old Stateswomen.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1969
Publisher: Little, Brown