LOBO AND BREWSTER by Gladys Yessayan Cretan


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That cocky pooch Lobo (1969), self-appointed family protector, looks askance at the new Manx kitten. Was having no tail so wonderful? ""Lobo pulled his own black tail between his legs."" When Peter and Mary Ann fuss over Brewster, Lobo tries not to watch; when he crawls into a paper bag, Lobo is sorry to see him come out. And when Brewster vanishes, Lobo is so glad he digs up his favorite bone. Hours later, hungry, he looks for his dog food and finds Brewster; then, looking for someone to play with him, he finds Brewster handy with a ball. ""Brewster's a lucky cat,"" says Mary Ann, ""to have a friend like Lobo."" Lobo despondent or glowering is a lovable ham and Brewster, even minus a tail, is no slouch at self-expression: this is somewhat more plausible than the first and equally appealing.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1971
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard