THE MOON: Target for Apollo by

THE MOON: Target for Apollo

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Man's fascination with the moon parallels his own history on earth. In this series of moon studies, the authors trace the most vital discoveries made since Eratosthenes of Alexandria began his experiments in the third century B.C. Chapters on visible changes in the moon in terms of shape and color, on determining the difference between the first and last quarters, on the development of telescopes and other surveying instruments, lay the groundwork. How a lunar eclipse occurs, how the moon and the sea are related, prepare the way for our present day interest in this planetary body. A report of Project Apollo complete with charts and photographs, and with plans to send three astronauts to the moon brings the story up to date. Readers interested in a survey of this subject will not be disappointed in this account.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1962
Publisher: Putnam