MORE THAN GLAMOUR by Grace Gelvin Kisinger
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Kathy MucCullough, represents the girl around the corner -- a non-U type. Lee Carstairs, whom Kathy emulates for a time, is the poised, self-possessed belle-of-the-ball type, who is alternately cool, then patronizingly friendly to Kathy. For a time Kathy subscribes to the gang-minded mores of Lee's crowd, envying them the prosperity which their fathers' incomes assure and their magnetism for local boys. Kathy sees an object lesson when the extravagance of another demanding girl, Midge Patton, helped to drive her father, Mr. Patton, to embezzlement and ultimate family disgrace. Lee's advice almost undermines Kathy's romance with Jim Kearns, who weathers her mercurial progress toward maturity.

Publisher: Nelson