ACQUITTAL by Graeme & Sarah Lorimer


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Acquittal proved the start of the real fight for John Rolfe and his family. The story of a society man implicated not only in a murder of a girl in a Chicago flat, but of infidelity, in the eyes of the conservative social group in which he and his family had been accepted leaders. When acquitted of the crime, he returns -- to find himself condemned on the other count, and with his wife sheltering behind her pride of sacrifice, his son doubting him, and his friends alienated. Not until he helps the boy out of a jam do they see eye to eye -- and he is given a second chance with his own people and himself. A thin story, lacking the gay flavor of the Maudie stories and the spontaneity that gave them value.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1937
Publisher: Little, Brown