HENRY'S QUEST by Graham Oakley


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A seriocomical satirical fable about a future time when the only surviving books are King Arthur and a fairy tale collection, and knights quest for gasoline to bring heirloom Rolls Royces to life. Oakley, a favorite for his Church Mice picture books, is gifted with an unusual measure of both verbal and visual wit. This whimsical tale of a shepherd venturing out of his bucolic kingdom to seek the legendary substance in a neighboring city with the combined decadence of ancient Rome and modern London is a perfect vehicle for visual play with the contemporary as it might he in the future: TV as rabbit hutch, department store as palace, and (more ominously) cathedral as tank depot and punk musician as usurping emperor. Henry's quest is successful; he wins his princess and his kingdom doesn't succumb to the havoc of the empire beyond the forest. Despite picture-book format, considerable sophistication is required to appreciate Oakley's wry humor, visual references, and clever caricatures; will be most enjoyed by YAs and adults.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1986
Publisher: Atheneum