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To be published just weeks before the opening of the Second Vatican Council, this review of the past and future possibilities of Christian unity will be a timely book indeed. Fr. Gregory Baum here makes as eloquent effort aimed at creating a mood of urgency among Catholics to do all they can for making Christian unity possible. He pleads for an of the new dimensions of Christian charity which call for discovering a new vision of the Christian's ecumenical task in order to bring about the renewal in the Church. Sketching in the background for his main presentation, Fr. goes over old ground which any interested person has read many times before. It is probably necessary but down the effort to get at the crux of his case. His summary of the history of ecumenicism in first rate. The author's hope in the future lies in his arguing for an understanding in the Church that the great number of Protestants are outside the Church without guilt -- that they are not heretics but separated brethren. The candid approach of the book to the basic problems involved in this highly desirable guest is pleasing indeed. The author argues for an admission of divided guide for the present disunity as pre- requisite to establishing a climate for reconciliation. This is truly an honest but lovingly constructive critique which sets down the ground rules for necking the unity of all, thus making possible salvation. Christians will find the book useful since it outlines all that will underlie the essential areas which have to be explored before Christians can unite for their own salvation.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1962
Publisher: Sheed & Ward