JUBILEE TRAIL by Gwen Bristow


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The popularity of her three earlier books, Deep Summer, The Handsome Road and This Side of Glory (later issued as The Louisiana Trilogy), offers a readymade market for her first book in 7 years, which, although only covering about five years, contains a full plenty for her readers. Even if Garnet Cameron was only 19 when she met Oliver Hale, she know she wanted no part of the genteel New York life for which she had been groomed, knew, also, that Oliver and the California he loved were what she did want. Oliver, Boston born, now a prairie trader, won her family, and took Garnet with him when he returned, showed her the sights of New Orleans, stood by her when she befriended the variety hall star they knew as Florinda Groves. Meeting again in Santa Fe, Florinda joined their mule train, through the desert, over mountains, fighting Indians, to reach California at last. Garnet learned the deep hatred Charles Hale bore her as Oliver's wife, recognized Oliver's weakness, and, with Florinda and John's help, was able to defy Charles when Oliver's son was born after his father's death. Working in a tap room to support herself, learning to love John but refusing to accept him because he would not admit love was a necessary part of marriage, Garnet is driven to kill Charles and almost marry Captain Brown who protected her when she was under suspicion. But John admits his love -- and all is ready for settling down -- when news of the gold rush promises even greater excitement. A quality of buoyancy keeps this from standardization; Garnet's lively curiosity and untrained intelligence, Florinda's dramatic past, and the every day living in what is now history -- all have strong, popular appeal, which, aided by its being the Literary Guild selection for March, should assure it of good sales, in not only a feminine but also a family market.

Pub Date: Feb. 6th, 1949
ISBN: 1556526016
Publisher: Crowell