I MARRIED A REDHEAD by H. H. Musselman


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A gay, frolicsome account of the honeymoon and marriage of the author and his redheaded wife which has for its hectic background their life with the Chautauqua, with theater and radio, with writing and youthful ponnypinching. The author, who has written before of his inventor father, has a fine old time telling of his wife's pecadillos, her amazing enthusiasm and vitality, her unbounded belief in her abilities, in contrasting his own fallibilities and meek overtures to fame. It is a story of the years of bathtub gin, of early radio, of youngsters aiming for stardom, of double versus twin beds, of a family background that adds double trouble and double barrelled fun, of the zest that enlivened the years from Chicago to Brooklyn to New York.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1949
Publisher: Crowell