NOW THAT SUMMER'S COME by H. Philip Kemberton
Kirkus Star


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A pleasant interlude among the summer, station wagon set in a Connecticut town, this presents some attractive as well as attractively fixed families, has a smart touch which escapes , and is thoroughly recognizable. This concentrates on one family-the Ferris' Charles and Liz, their daughter, Jess and their son, Freddie. Charles and Liz are settling down comfortably to middle age- but are trying not to show their concern over Jess. Still unmarried at 26 Jess, socially on the defensive and emotionally evasive, shies away from the boy she likes- eventually gives in and likes it; and Freddie, still in college having had time out for the Army, is attracted by a sexy, southern job, finds his attraction quickly dissipated when she becomes pregnant, but is relieved from the responsibility of marriage when he learns that he was not the father in the case.... Lighter grade entertainment which is also higher grade in its handling.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1950
Publisher: Macmillan