365 WINDOWS by Halford E. Luccock


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Dr. Halford Luccock expresses the hope that the brief meditations in this book, one for each day of the year, will prove to be awakeners and not tranquilizers. He need not fear. Nothing he has ever written, and he has written a great deal, has ever put his readers to sleep. Quite the contrary. Here is a stimulating collection of arresting moments of thought, which if planted in the mind early in the day, are guaranteed to grow and produce fruit before nightfall. He tells, for example, of the turtle that makes progress only when it sticks its neck out, and finds there a parable of human behavior. Luccock's wit is sharp, and his words forthright; some may take offense at his probing, but none can be indifferent to it. A book to spend a minute with after the alarm goes off each morning, to give zest and direction to each new day.

Pub Date: Jan. 11th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdon