DANDY HART by Hamilton Ellis


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In a voluble, long winded novel, the life and times of Leander Hart, younger son of a coaching firm, are relayed through the progress of his two great loves, railroads and Sarah. Both earned the distaste of his family since neither was recognized as worthy of his class, but eventually Dandy broke all the taboos and gave his life to them. Following Dandy from 1832 to 1863, the story gives pictures of many incidents of railroading in Great Britain, loving details of the experimental lines, the development of engines, cars, company operation from the days of disbelief to those of boom and crash in railroad speculation and gives a hobbyist's history of the business. Dandy's family and personal story is set against this background, with striking period pictures, dramatic incidents and interest- catching personalities and situations. A book for substantial reading and particularly for the fans of railroading.

Publisher: Macmillan