THE BLUE ICE by Hammond Innes
Kirkus Star


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A repeat performance of high merit in the action adventure field (Gale Warning, Fire in the Snow, etc.) this maintains a maximum of suspense and tension, is aided by its atmospheric assists- the Norwegian glacier Jostedal. On the trail of George Farnell, believed to have discovered some rare mineral deposits and also believed to have been killed, are a party of Englishmen and Norwegians; Bill Gansert who had once known him; Jill Somers, who had once loved him; Dahler, a paralytic; Jorenson, a collaborationist; and the dubious Captain Lovaas. This follows their stormy passage over; the climb up the mountain range to the dead man's body and its illegal exhumation which proves it to be another's; and finally the mountain ski chase which ends at the glacier with the meeting with Farnell, hostile and embittered, who dies in the getaway but entrusts his secret- and Jill- to Bill Cansert...For the market, predominantly masculine, as before, this is assured and accomplished adventure.

Pub Date: Aug. 10th, 1949
Publisher: Harper