THE FIRST WORLD WAR by Hanson Baldwin


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This book by the famous military commentator tells briefly and succinctly the story of that massive slaughter which initiated global warfare for the twentieth century. As a capsule view of that terrible conflict, it is probably one of the best volumes currently available. Baldwin quickly explains how the Triple Alliance formed against the Central Powers, with a comparison of their armies, economic strength, and military goals. Then starting with the summer of 1914, he goes through the conflict and its highlights year by year. The great leaders---Jellicoe, Joffre, Moltke, Pershing, and many others--- are seen as they assume brilliance in the hierarchy of command. The terrible early battles, the stalemates, the murderous U-boat war at sea, and the final entrance of the U.S. into the War are all dealt with justly. But better yet, the smaller conflicts, like the fight for Serbia or Mesopotamia, the war in the Italian Alps, the fight for the Suez Canal, are given fair attention. Literally packed with facts, written in a lucid, orderly style, Baldwin has contributed an important compendium of history to the growing list of books on World War I. Should have a wide audience.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1962
Publisher: Harper