"THE FIELDS AND THE HILLS: Vol. I of The Journey, Once Begun" by Harald Bakken

"THE FIELDS AND THE HILLS: Vol. I of The Journey, Once Begun"

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Weyr, perhaps 13, is an orphan who has moved from one family to another until the death of his latest, unlamented foster parent. A loner who is called ""witch"" by the other children, and who may be not wholly ""Tam"" but part ""Agari,"" Weyr can hear and even see at great distances by using magic. Wanting no part of the new home that his eavesdropping reveals will be allotted him, he takes off on his own. Luck, or fate, brings him to the camp of the Instrument of the Agari; to the caravan of actors/singers/magicians Nomer and Relinda; and to the notice and friendship of Kamlar, the Instrument's son. After Weyr uses his magical talents to rescue Kamlar from kidnapping and Nomer and Relinda include him in their show, Weyr is truly embarked on a new life, but with a growing need to understand who he really is. Bakken sets up his story skillfully, evoking a good sense of character and place. The story is a little predictable and pat, but the friendship between Weyr and Kamlar, Weyr's growing recognition of his talents, and the conflict between the Tam and Agari cultures are all believably drawn. A good yarn, to be continued.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1992
Page count: 228pp
Publisher: Clarion/Houghton Mifflin