PARIS BLUES by Harold Flender


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Paris, hot jazz, and a small combination is muffled by the larger issue of racial bitterness, particularly in the case of Eddie Cook, Negro sax player who has found the color line subdued by his years of chosen expatriation. Playing in Marie's Cave- and Marie's favorite lover on the side (although she has other men-notably a rich, white Count), Eddie begins to question his life, himself, and his aggressive anti-Americanism when he meets Connie, a schoolteacher, on a ten weeks tour. He falls in love with Connie, chafes against the re-direction of his life, but when released- decides to follow her homeward.... Paris night life and a guided tour of the skin joints may lend a fillip for a certain audience, but if the black and white theme lends a more serious intention- unfortunately the characterization sticks to the same color scheme.

Publisher: Ballantine