RIFLES FOR WATIE by Harold Keith
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Who was supplying rebel leader Watie, the Christian Indian who had galvanized the Cherokee Indian Nation into organized raids behind Union lines in Kansas and Oklahoma, with repeating rifles? Only a traitorous Union source could be responsible for his supply of the contraband weapons. When Jeff Bussey of Linn County, Kansas, joined Union Volunteers, he could not foresee that he would be an espionage agent as well as a soldier. Under the command of sadistic Captain Clardy, Jeff hunted rebel troops and was hunted by them. It was only after he found himself in enemy territory with Watie's men that Jeff learned the bitter truth about the source of Watie's access to the repeating rifles. Softening the grim and bloody character of this western Civil War intrigue is the story of his love for Lucy Washbourne, the fiery Southern girl, who found herself attracted to Jeff despite a Yankee uniform. Stirring, original and always credible, this is distinctly superior.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1957
ISBN: 006447030X
Publisher: Crowell