STRINGS ON YOUR FINGERS by Harry & Elizabeth Helfman
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This is a short collection of how to do a number of clever things with your two bare hands and a loop of string --everything from a Cat's Cradle to a Fish in a Dish. Reviewing this sort of book is always a particular challenge to our staff because only the Managing Editor is handy enough to tie her own shoes. (Please don't think that this is her only job qualification, but it helped.) Our usual procedure is to follow the directions to the letter and keep the picture in mind until we produce something. Sometimes all we produce is a series of nervous breakdowns. This time, we came up with string figures and no loss of serenity. Therefore, we think the instructions must be very clear and the illustrations back them at every point. The authors say that string tricks may be man's oldest form of relaxation. They are still an absorbing time passer and of interest to parlor magicians short on equipment and long on dexterity.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1965
Publisher: Morrow