ESCAPE FROM JAVA by Harvey Halslip


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This new novel extols the fictional exploits of the USS Hanning the ship's company and the ship's captain, stalwart Jim Bradford. It also purports to tell the factual tale of the World War II Pacific campaign to save the Netherlands East Indies. On both counts the performance is nearer to the heart of Hollywood than either history or humanity. Mounted on a cinemascope canvas, full of technicolored prose, stereophonic dialogue and stereotype characters, this is only for the adventure addict who may enjoy the background to danger in the last ditch fighting against the Japanese and Jim's supposed Captain Bligh tactics. Though Jim in married, he falls in love with the beautiful Eurasian wife of a Dutchman he later rescues from Bawean. After Jim and Christian renounce their star-crossed idyll, since ""people are dying and we think only of ourselves"", the Banning is torpedoed and Jim is set adrift with his crew who have by this time learned that Jim is a hero.... A soft-cover type epic.

Publisher: Doubleday