SHIP MODELS: And How to Build Them by Harvey Weiss

SHIP MODELS: And How to Build Them

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With characteristic clarity Weiss instructs beginners in the construction of a few basic models that are ""not scientifically exact reproductions of any particular boat."" There is a tugboat that can be modified to make a fireboat or fishing boat (modification is encouraged provided there is ""some experimental testing in a bathtub""), a simple sailboat with the same type of hull, a Mississippi stern-wheeler propelled with rubber band, a working submarine, and a powerboat that calls for an electric motor (available at hobby shops for under a dollar). There is the usual prefatory rundown on materials and tools (if you don't have all of them, ""remember what a beaver can do with just his teeth""), a chapter on hollowing out a hull, and in the end a few diagrams of particular vessels without detailed instructions, for those who are ready to proceed on their own. Trim, bilge-free and watertight.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1973
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell