TIPPY by Hazel Krantz


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An affluent society juvenile turns delinquent, loses her ""good"" friends by association with the Rebels, then finds contentment through work in a slum settlement house. The Rebels are about as hardened as unrefrigerated jello, led by rich, beautiful and brilliant Jill who has ""a commitment to rebellion"" because her divorced parents ""hate"" her. Tippy White, however, just wants to live; but when the gang breaks up, loneliness and limited resources lead her to the Tyler Street Settlement House where she helps the four-year-olds qualify for a Head Start program and meets Phil Ryan, a catch-all foil to her irresponsive suburbanitis. As characters, the Puerto Rican shy friendlies and the Senior Citizens' Club are far more sympathetic and convincing than either Tippy or Phil, perhaps because the latter are subjected to more constant analytics. Snatches of the awkward age but mostly unevenly dramatized pulp.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1968
Publisher: Vanguard