ICE ISLAND: The Story of Antarctica by

ICE ISLAND: The Story of Antarctica

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The ancient Greek scholars knew that far to the north was a huge cold region. They called this part of the world arktos, after the constellation of stars shaped like a bear which blazes in the northern sky. In an exhaustive reference volume the author details the history of ice-locked North exploration. Fascinating insights into the experiences of those men who have charted what we know of Antarctica are here. We meet Amundsen and his companions climbing the Heiberg Glacier, complaining, ironically of the heat. With Shackleton, on Beardmore Glacier, we celebrate Christmas. Menu? ""Hoosh"" -- a stewlike food made of pony meat and pemmican. James Cook, Charles Wilkes, James Ross, Robert Scott, Roald Amundsen and Richard E. Byrd, their journeys and accomplishments are recorded here with informative photographs. The interest level and vocabulary place this distinctly for high school students and for collegiate reference.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1957
Publisher: Crowell