A BARBARIAN IN ASIA by Henri Michaux


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As subtitled, ""Being the impressions of Monsieur Henri Michaux"", this is a highly clever, caustic commentary of an individualistic nature- reflecting at all times the sophistication and subtlety of intellect and culture which is that of Michaux, a French poet and painter. Here are profiles of the Asiatic peoples; the Hindu, so exasperating to the European, contemplative, idolatrous, slow, sensual, intolerant and immovable and a practitioner of many austerities, many cruelties; the Chinese, skillful, modest, delicate, precise; the Japanese, over-serious but devoid of wisdom; the Malayan, wholesome, clean, noble, and the most sympathetic of them all; with some random notes on the Himalayan Railway, on natural history, etc.... The book, which appeared in France originally in 1933, is translated by Sylvia Beach, and is for for the caviar palate.

Pub Date: May 13th, 1949
Publisher: New Directions